WeVideo Webinar

The problem?

It’s hard to stay ahead of the curve when you do not know where the curve is located. We live in a high-tech society and if you were coming up in the 60s or 70s? You are ashamed of being intimidated by all the programs in Cyberspace.

Decided to produce a webinar for people who would like to try something different. I produce 3-D animation music videos and there is a new program called WeVideo. Since I am a Certified Senior Citizen I created this instruction webinar so even a 12-year-old can understand how the program works. So take a chance on something new, and see what you can create.

PART-A Overview

The tools you need for the project. Will explain how the WeVideo app works, how to insert video & audio clips, etc. Once you learn how to connect the dots? You are good to go…

PART-B How to re-mix audio. 

I use an app called Mixcraft6. Basic stuff like how to sweeten the sound and some of the effects you can use for the finished clip.

PART-C How to post WeVideo to YouTube

Not complicated. Once you are out of the starting gate, you can go anywhere you want with your video. Also did a recap of the links & directions. It is now on my Website “On Line with Mac” click on the tab-WeVideo Webinar. Hope this has started you on The Yellow Brick Road-ENJOY

PART-D Music Video "Neo-Soul Re-Mix


There are a lot of resources you might not be aware of in Cyperspace. In the analog days you would have to have a six-figure editing studio to get a broadcast quality product. Not true in the digital revolution. There is a Website called digccmixter.org which is an open source site. This means you can upload anything to the site and other producer’s artist, can remix, sample, etc. And it is absolutely free.

I found this song “Understand Me” by texasradiofish and produced this video. Now that you have all the tools at your disposal? JUST DO IT!!!

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