StarLog November 26, 2012 Starting to connect all the dots!

Hey Pax Family.

First let me say completely blown away with the Spoken Words Tv Website. This will allow people from all over the world to meet and exchange their poetry. Going to contact some of the people in my database and invite them to participate in this exciting project.

Paul Russo rocked my world last week and looking forward to the next studio broadcast. Going to put all my ducks in a row so when I get the music track can start on the 3D animation. Like I said I think in a logical sequence, so this is the way I will work on my end?

The Blog:
Going to post all my Blogs on WE VIDEO so everyone can see how the project is developing. If anyone wants to add any comments? Post them to WE VIDEO. The way I roll? Once the music video is completed, can start a promotion campaign.

I am just one part of the equation so, here comes the “show biz” stuff!

A. Once the music is in “the can” you will start promoting what is going to happen using the resources at your disposal?
B. Now you have a date when the music video is going to “drop?” An advertising or media blitz is in place and people are waiting for the music.
C. Using the resources at your disposal? FaceBook, Twitter, and everything else will be used?
D. This means PMC, Norman Ross, and everyone else can Tweet like crazy to give people a heads-up that something exciting is going to happen!

Assuming you will release the video at SxSW to get maximum exposure? Also, assume you will be involved in panel discussions, and TV & Internet interviews while you are there? Now is the time for a PR person to come on board and start setting up media contacts, and press releases so when you get to the convention? You will know all the movers and shakers on a first name basis.

What I need to know? Will the music video be a part of a new CD, or will it be an independent project? At some point in time we need to set up a video-conference so we are on the same page. When I start producing the promos I will understand the big picture?

What I am doing is producing videos with, and without text, so anyone can use them anyway they want. This is the advantage of the collab. Everyone can bring something to the table. Here are two new promos I posted feel free to use them anyway you want.

The Documentary
After the music video is released? The documentary will follow the project to see what happens? Now that all the recording sessions are posted, will give me a lot to work with when I start putting everything together. Like I said, I am just one part of the equation, so would like to get some feedback on what you think?

Special shout out to Earth Mother DeVeaux

WOW, WTF, and all that other good stuff! You blew me away with your music videos. As Vic would say “Bammn” you jumped in the mix, big time! Your videos are GREAT! And I will put them on my show next week.

That’s about all I can think of, let me know what you think?

Keep the faith,

Mac McAllister

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