StarLog August 29, 2012-Update from DeVeaux

Re: DeVeaux:

“Here is something to think about? My part of the project is to create 3D avatar characters for the video. Since you are the Fashionista of the group? There is a way you can design your wardrobe using iClone cloth clone and PhotoShop. So if you know of anybody who knows how to use iClone, and a fashion designer. Get my drift?”

From: DeVeaux
Sounds good Mac, I will send you the words later today...
also the fashion design, I can send you drawings of fashions... I am on a limited computer, so iClone cloth clone and PhotoShop wouldn't hold on this computer

I will have to wait to a buy my next computer this one is a borrow one, my computer crushed.... So by next month I will buy a new one and then I can start designing
and in between time, I will find out if any of my friends know



Just wanted to give you some info about the possibilities of 3D Avatar animation. That is way, way, above my pay grade but it can be done, and a fashion designer can actually create a clothing line. That’s the reason we are all on the same page with the project, we can exchange info in real-time.

Mario has set up the collab link and you guys are working on the words and music for the video, I’m just an observer until you come up with the final project.

Here are the links to the iClone tutorials on how to design clothing. This gives you an opportunity to hook up with any fashion designers you know who might want to take it to the next level?

Mac McAllister

iClone overview on how to create fashions

How to design a wardrobe using iClone

iClone overview on how to create fashions

How to design a wardrobe using iClone

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