StarLog August 22, 2012-PaxStereoTV Collab Project

First let me say I really enjoy being part of the project. Good ju ju in Cyberspace. Its not often a group of people get into the magic circle and create something from concept to finished project. Let me put everything in prospective.

These are just my observations, not etched in stone! PMC & DeVeaux! Trust me on this I would not try to lead you down the wrong path. Get everything copyrighted! As far as I know it cost about $35.00 if you do it online. If I didn’t learn anything else in show-biz? CYA! Mario & Vic are going to do it, and so am I, once the project is completed.

Now that I have the text this gives me a starting point on where you are coming from. The first demo track, you are starting to feel the words take shape and coming from your inner self. Everytime you read the text, your phrasing starts to slow down and the words are starting to turn into objects. This is all good! You have PMCs audio track and starting to feel your groove to match the music.

Let me get serious. Everything is based on emotions good or bad. You are coming from a space that means something to you and you are using spoken word as your metaphor. That being said? Love? Betrayal? Redemption? If you could, start a video Blog and what the words mean to you? Now you are emotionally attached. This is just for the collab and we can all get in the same emotional space. Then get it copyrighted!

Same direction. Was your music track influenced by some emotional event in your life? Also do a video Blog to explain why you created the music? Then give the music a name and get it copyrighted! See where I’m coming from? Now we are all in the same space. There is no deadline so take your time.

Mario and Vic:
I can tell you are in your space. People that don’t understand the creative process just don’t get it. BTW Since I am home-schooled, learned something about laying down music tracks. Thanks for letting me observe how the A-Team rolls!

The Video:
By the time it gets to me everyone is satisfied and its up to me to produce a 3D animation video. That’s why we need to stay on the same page. All I can do is give my spin on what I think it should look like? Then you guys can give me some creative feed-back on what you think? Are we having fun yet?

Now it gets interesting? How do we post it in cyberspace? Again this is just my suggestion. As a working title, how about? Love, Betrayal, Redemption. By Empress DeVeaux. Then the documentary could be called behind the scenes of the video?

Old dude in Po Town:
Again take into consideration that I am not a techie. So I’m going to need some help. Please send me some links so I can find out where everything is posted in Cyberspace? At some point in time we will have to do a video -conference, so until that time doing a word doc. Also send an email when you are going to do the next recording session?

Putting everything in a folder but need to post it where everyone can see what I’m doing on my end. That’s about all I have to say. I’m jacked on the project!

Keep the faith

Mac McAllister

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