PaxStereo Collab Project-Part 2 –December 11, 2012 Operation Foreplay!

When the track is finished, I get to start on the 3D-animation music video. Thanks PaxStereo for giving me a pro bono course on creating a music track. I have never been in a recording studio observing how the creative process works. Now I can see the big picture, thanks to WE VIDEO and Spoken Words TV website. So let me crunch this bad-boy down and I’m off to the races.
Coming from an analog background? Still like to think in a logical sequence, sorry about that! PMC created a music beat. Mario added lyrics, and brought on Empress (low profile) DeVeaux as the spoken word diva. Vic edited and up-streamed the project so we can observe in real-time what is going on. Now I have to create the music video.

This is where Operation Foreplay starts. My objective is to turn the music into a visual image. Also? Have to start creating some media buzz about what is getting ready to drop? The first thing I need to do, create a wardrobe for DeVeaux? At the same time? Getting everyone excited about what is getting ready to happen! Since Empress DeVeaux is the Fashionista of the planet? Need Vic to show the promo videos I produced of Ms. D on the runway. She can get some of her associates in the chat room to vote for the top two outfits. Like I said there is no way I am going to select a wardrobe, for the high priestess of all things slick! The better the foreplay, the better the end result, at least that’s what I’ve been told.

Getting all my ducks in a row, and created the first-draft of the Blog. It is for everyone involved with the project so we can stay on the same page. So feel free to re-edit or add content before I publish it. Like I said nothing is etched in stone, and this is just my spin on the project. Also have to figure out a way to add the live studio sessions to the final Blog? Let me know what you think?
When I produce the documentary? Have video of how everything came together. See where I’m, coming from?  

Don’t know if this will be done by committee? Or Commander in Chief Mario, and Vic Director of SWAT Operations, will lead us to the finish line? Whatever you guys decide on, works for me. BTW got an email from Kimberly, and as you guys say? Make certain all the right people are on the bus!

May the force be with you.


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