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PaxStereo Collab Project-Part 2 –December 11, 2012 Operation Foreplay!

When the track is finished, I get to start on the 3D-animation music video. Thanks PaxStereo for giving me a pro bono course on creating a music track. I have never been in a recording studio observing how the creative process works. Now I can see the big picture, thanks to WE VIDEO and Spoken Words TV website. So let me crunch this bad-boy down and I’m off to the…


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StarLog November 26, 2012 Starting to connect all the dots!

Hey Pax Family.

First let me say completely blown away with the Spoken Words Tv Website. This will allow people from all over the world to meet and exchange their poetry. Going to contact some of the people in my database and invite them to participate in this exciting project.

Paul Russo rocked my world last week and looking forward to the next…


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StarLog August 29, 2012-Update from DeVeaux

Re: DeVeaux:

“Here is something to think about? My part of the project is to create 3D avatar characters for the video. Since you are the Fashionista of the group? There is a way you can design your wardrobe using iClone cloth clone…


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StarLog August 28, 2012-Hooking up with WE-VIDEO

Changed my religious affiliation:

No longer an agnostic, am now a reborn again Christian since you guys turned me on to WE-VIDEO. WOW-WTF-let me repeat that! WOW-WTF! I have enough toys to play with, could do a remake of “Star Wars.” This is one of the most exciting projects I have ever worked on, thanks for letting me hang with the A-Team.

We are…


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StarLog August 22, 2012-PaxStereoTV Collab Project

First let me say I really enjoy being part of the project. Good ju ju in Cyberspace. Its not often a group of people get into the magic circle and create something from concept to finished project. Let me put everything in prospective.

These are just my observations, not etched in stone! PMC & DeVeaux! Trust me on this I would not…


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Brooks Institute of Photography, Santa Barbara, CA.

Eastern Washington University Spokane, WA

Sorbonne Paris, France

University of Washington Seattle, WA

Mac McAllister has a diverse media background. He attended Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, and in the 60s covering a wide spectrum of events, from the emergence of the cool jazz scene in LA, to racial unrest and the Black Panther Party in San Francisco. His photographs and articles…


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